Mobile Design for Parking Application

Parking apps help User to show one of the nearest available parking spots. Plus, these apps help to save commuters’ time, fuel and money while easing the flow of the traffic. Talking about the most core feature, a reliable and safe communication system is all-time required when it comes to car parking app.

Parking is becoming a increasingly problem in metropolitan city in India. This mobile app is aimed providing a convenient and time-saving parking experience to users. With accurate parking position and pricing information, also reliable navigation. Reservation process should be easy and time-saving.

  • Notifications Via SMS Messaging
    In a similar way, add the best navigation routes with suitable parking spaces, as it could be very helpful for app users or drivers. In a nutshell, we can say that an ideal parking app must come up with a reliable and safest communication system, which can provide convenience to users eventually.

  • Control System
    Car parking app must have different pain points and problems faced by Users on a daily basis. From ‘where to park’ option to in/out privileges to payments. This feature will provide the driver or user of the car parking app with up-to-date information and notifications regarding the process of parking directly to the user’s device.

  • The Concept of Safety
    Safety is always an essential feature which application can’t neglect no matter what in their parking space finder app. The collected individual data from the driver’s device must be highly protected from the viruses. Also, the cloud information of parking spot finder app must be protected from the unauthorized usage.

  • Simplicity of Car Parking Finder Application
    In parking mobile apps, the most feature to provide is easy access to the complicated navigation system. The foremost thing is that the screen status should not block the key elements of mobile device navigation, plus drivers or app users should not be distracted. The parking mobile application must show the parking lots’ addresses along with the number of free parking spots that are available currently. This type of spot finder app development can also integrate a voice navigation system for user’s convenience.

  • Parking Time
    Application helps the user for different types of parking needs. It basically, includes the advance parking slot booking. It means before reaching the parking space you can book the parking slot. This type of application allows the on-demand parking reservation and enable users to make advance payment for the reserved space, for the time of expected arrival. You can book the parking lot in bulk also.

  • How Application Work
    Parking applications are a very useful solution for drivers. With the help of such an application, it is very simple to find the place. Simply, drivers just need to install the application to complete the signup requirements. The second thing that it does- searching for the different parking place online. User can see all the available parking space in a different location in real-time and also it shows the availability of parking spaces.
    Driver/User can book a parking space on his preferred location for the time of need. Once you made the booking, you can park in the space on your booked time.
  • Searchable car parks database with information about each park, including information about charging stations
  • Real-time routing algorithm for planning multi-modal trips. (Integrates with Google Maps API)
  • Mixed routes include estimated costs for parking (Daily/Weekly/Monthly)
  • User interface for comparing between car-only, transit-only, and intermodal transportation options

Design Process

The research component of this project was anchored in a variety of sources. On one hand there were data analytics(data I gathered from several sources available online), but also user reviews and ratings, understanding customer satisfaction, competitive analysis and doing some functional user testing. This exercise was mostly focused on search functionality, and not so much on development of a personalization experience which would present within the profile aspect of the application.

I followed Human-Centered Design method to make sure our design decisions solve the real core challenges in the Web and Mobile Application.

My design process includes five steps.
  • Research: Problem Statement/Goals, Constraints/Assumptions
  • Understanding Users: User Research, Competitive Review
  • Setting the Stage: Requirements Analysis, User Flow Diagram, Business Architecture Diagram
  • Design:Paper Protytype, Wireframes, Visual Designs, Interactions, Feedback & Iterate
  • Final Thoughts: Future Iterations, Improvements

User Research

Before designing this parking application, I try to understand the user needs, and what a potential customer may experience while driving down in metro city or town. I conducted a few interviews with people who are from the metro city. I talked to young users and working professionals who drive everyday to city for their work purpose. I asked them how difficult it is to find parking in the city during working hours. I asked how finding parking within the city made them feel. I also asked how long they were willing to walk from their parking spot to their destination. I concluded that an application like this will be in demand for individuals who are tech savy, active and prefer to save money over time, but without the hassle of wasted time looking for a parking spot.


About Pavan Thallapali


A number of likely scenarios pertinent to car parking apps have also been identified:
  • User is forced to install the application
  • User is in a rush
  • User is curious about car parking apps
  • User needs confidence in being able to park


Age: 40

Occupation: IT Marketing Manager

Location: Hyderabad, India

Personality: Hurry, introvert, anxious, techy.


  • He’s always with hurry at work.
  • He is little bit of shy kind of Guy.
  • He’s afraid of doing something wrong at workplace and being dismissed.
  • He knows a lot about tech and enjoys devices that makes his life easier.

Needs and Goals:

  • He wants to have more leads for his business. So he is going to meet with clients.
  • He wants to enjoy his time with friends and family.
  • He wants to get promoted and wage on his salary.
  • A Commute that reduce any potential decision making involved
  • A guaranteed safe place for the Car in a good location
  • Security in Payment and personal details
  • Register/Login
  • Search Parking
  • Manage Account
  • Account Settings
  • Payment Info
  • Vehicle Info
  • Dashboard
  • View Map
  • Pin Location
  • Car Parking History
  • Active Sessions
  • Active Sessions
  • Location & Vehicle
  • Add New Vehicle
  • Select Parking Time Duration

Mobile Application Userflow Diagram
Mobile Application Usecases Diagram
User Persona
User Persona
Mobile Application Wireframe Design
Mobile Application Visual Design


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